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convert database .df & .d file from CP936 to ISO8859-1.


convert database .df & .d file from CP936 to ISO8859-1.

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I did take .df & .d file of database from production server having code page cpstream=cp936.

Here I want to create a database on my local window machine for code development with taken .df & .d from server

but getting an error "Code page conversion for CP936 to ISO8859-1 was not found in convmap.cp. (6063)" .

any help will be appreciated....


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  • proutil db -C convchar convert undefined

    proutil db -C convchar convert cp936

    and then load the _tran.df for the cp936 codepage

    rebuild indexes

    load .df and .d

    if you don't have supplemental promsgs package, you might need to get that, or it should be on your production machine in DLC\prolang folder

  • Note: DO NOT do the -C convchar convert undefined on the database which has data in it, as you would essentially corrupt them, this can only work on an empty database (which you have as you just created one).

  • I'd suggest to install the supplemented Promsgs (SUPPROMSGS file) on local machine.

  • ISO8859-1, which is Latin alphabet based for Western European languages. CP936 is a codepage for simplified Chinese, and will contain characters that simply do not exist at all in ISO8859-1. Converting is impossible without corrupting or losing data.

    Either switch your dev. environment over to a codepage that is compatible with CP936, or consider moving to a Unicode environment (UTF-* codepages) if possible.

  • Thank you every one..

  • is ISO8859-1 not a codepage designed for unix / linux ?

    Progress advised us to take 1252 for a windows environment