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Promon throws memory violation (49) and brings db down


Promon throws memory violation (49) and brings db down

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OpenEdge 11.6.3 (maybe since 11.4) only on Solaris 64-bit

To reproduce the issue:

proserve sports

promon sports
Manually enter:
1. Status
14. Shared Memory Segments
X Exit

Memory violation is issued only on exit.
We will not get the error if the debghb password is skipped.

[2017/03/22@14:19:47.000+0000] P-7643 T-1 I PROMON 5: (49) SYSTEM ERROR: Memory violation.

Wed Mar 22 14:19:47 2017
[2017/03/22@14:19:47.000+0000] P-7643 T-1 I PROMON 5: (439) ** Save file named core for analysis by Progress Software Corporation.

Wed Mar 22 17:20:20 2017
[2017/03/22@17:20:20.999+0300] P-7642 T-1 I BROKER 0: (5028) SYSTEM ERROR: Releasing regular latch. latchId: 2
[2017/03/22@17:20:20.999+0300] P-7642 T-1 I BROKER 0: (2522) User 5 died holding 1 shared memory locks.

Note that latchId 2 is USR latch that promon uses during logout.

Wild guess: the issue can be related to PSC00354720:
OpenEdge version: OE 11.4
OS version: Solaris 5.10

Just a warning!

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  • OE development has investigated and found the cause for the promon issue which was introduced in 11.6.3.

    Just FYI, it is very unlikely the same as the proutil dbipcs issue.

  • OE development team is very fast! Yes

    BTW, the customer got the error while running my dbmon script. I asked DBA to test the script in their test environment but admin run it on production server for all running databases. And, of course, all databases were crushed. Sad

  • >Error only on Solaris 64-bit

    That is all Oracle fault  :)

    As it works fine on IBM AIX.

    Dmitri Levin


  • Information from PSTS: The issue is going to be fixed in 11.7.1

  • Not Solaris-only; I can reproduce this in 64-bit 11.6.3 on Linux (RHEL 6.3).