Hello --

I am being asked if there is a report that can be run (or some other way) to show the difference between the configuration of a production and a test environment, with the aim of identifying any setting differences that would impact a DataDirect JDBC connection. Both production and test are on the same physical hardware. OS is RHEL7 and OE is 10.2B. I thought of comparing the output of the proserve command in the .lg files. What else can I try?

Here is some background:

Client implemented a new system for managing data interfaces between plant systems and corporate systems about a year ago. The interfaces are working but they do generate errors for the connections with the Progress system. They implemented a change in the test environment and the errors basically stopped. When they moved the same change to production, the errors did not stop.

The error messages go to a log (in the neighborhood of a few thousand a week) but once a week or so, the process stops and they have to "reboot" something on their end. The error message is always about setAutoCommit. They've been working with Oracle to resolve but no solution yet.

Thanks in advance --

Jim Shepherd
Level Seven