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Restart DB effect on hotspare


Restart DB effect on hotspare

  • Hi,

    I have a set of DB where AI files are continuously updated with AI roll forward, and a wrong command line has been executed (proutil idxactivate) on those DBs. It took 5 minutes to understand why the command line failed (wrong set of DB !), and in the mean time a new set of AI files was roll forwarded. I thought it would fail on all DBs, but in fact it only failed (as expected) on the DB which had active transactions. The low-volume DB where there were no active transactions had the latest AI files successfully applied.

    I was under the impression that starting the DB would break AI roll forward, but it seems that it's not always the case. Is it safe to continue the roll forward on the DB where proutil idxactivate didn't break anything ? Or would it be safer to just restore every DB from backup and roll forward every AI file ?


  • Hello,
    It is not safe to continue roll forward on the DB that was accessed by the utility.  It would be best to
    restore and roll forward all databases.  There is a way, starting in 11.3, to protect the set of databases
    from unwanted access.  The proutil –C dbrestrict utility would allow you to limit access to the databases
    to roll forward and read only utilities such as idxcheck .  Here’s a link to documentation for the utility:
  • Can dbrestrict be used to keep out other processes such as _progress and prowin.exe?

  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks your feedback and for the dbrestrict tip, I'll try that. I've usually been using a rename of the .db to protect the DB from unwanted startups, but that wasn't the case for this customer... Dbrestrict could simplify the RF script !

  • Yes, dbrestrict mode for roll forward can be used to keep out the _progres and _prowin.exe processes.  Here ’ s a list of what is
    permitted to access a db when it is in dbrestrict mode for roll forward:
    *PROUTIL DBRESTRICT (to modify or disable the restriction)
  • Excellent, thank you !