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Open edge ODBC Driver download


Open edge ODBC Driver download

  • Hi,

    I am new to Porgress, Please advise Open Edge 10.1B & 10.2B odbc driver are free to download or it is an licensed version.

    Please provide link to download free version.

    We have licensed version of 10.1B database and 10.2B database, and I am not sure it comes with odbc driver or not.



  • Hallo

    Yes the odbc and jdbc drivers are part of the RDBMS product.

    The jdbc will be in the $DLC/java directory openedge.jar.

    This would sit on your database server.

    If you want a client side install you can go into your ESD account and download the "Progress SQL client access ODBC/JDBC drivers" product. This is not a seperate license you need to purchase.

    If you also need a progress runtime on the client side you can purchase the "Client Network" license that will also include the ODBC/JDBC drivers.

    Alternatively if you need drivers for different databases (not Progress) have a look at the DataDirect products.

    Thank you

    A Venter