OE 11.3.2

RHEL 6.x

OE Replication


Backups of the Replication Target cannot be restored. This is being reported to Progress tech support as I write this. Customer has a 100Gb DB with a 30ish Gb BI.  We have always backed up the target DB and used that backup to refresh DEV/TEST.  Last week the prorest started to fail with:

SYSTEM ERROR: bkioWrite: Invalid argument write, fd 11, len 16384, offset -104959, file /db/dev.b1. (9447)

Prorest -vp does not show any errors

On at least one test the restore finished successfully but the error appeared during the truncate BI

Today we took a backup with the "bibackup all" parameter and the restore AND truncate BI were successful.  Premature conclusion: something isn't kosher with the new default BI backup that only takes active clusters.

If you are setup this way, please test your backups and truncate bi.