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Accented chars on field names


Accented chars on field names

  • How come that I cannot create a field named Almacén (wharehouse) on data dictionary, but I can write the field name with accent on a program, and it compiles, and even, runs..

    I have doubt, as I think vagely that when started with Progress (V8) I noticed about the flexibility of using accented char as field name.

    What would be the rationale about the former statement?

    a little throw back memories...

  • That's a good question, I think.

    Ezequiel Montoya
    Lima - Perú
  • From ancient memory, non ASCII characters table names would mean using non ASCII characters in source code.

    This causes a big deployment problem when you try to port the application to regions and code pages that do not support those characters.

    In such cases tables/fields would have to be renamed and the source code modified for the change in table name.