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Progress Database using ODBC


Progress Database using ODBC

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I need quick assistance user is requested to get progress database connections.using ODBC tool.

They are using sievo data extractor tool to connect to our progress databases.

Whether we need to install Progress client on this machine to setup ODBC connections to progress database ?

Please share the steps we need to follow to setup ODBC connection to progress database connection,

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  • Adding to that we are using 9.1e progress version

  • Configure database to accept SQL connection

    Install ODBC driver on client machine

    Configure ODBC connection on client machine.

    Progress client networking install will provide the ODBC driver for 9.1E.  With newer versions it is a free download from the support site, not sure about 9.1E.

    Setting up the database - instructions from Progress KB

    000021731 - How to set up a secondary login broker for SQL-92 connections for Progress/OpenEdge database?

    Setting up the Client - instructions -

  • Still we are not able to connect to client machine.

    Due to lack of vendor support we are not able to get proper ODBC drivers from progress.

    we have windows system and copied ODBC folder to client machine

    tried to install but receiving below error.

    a newer verision of dcom98 has been installed

    to overrdie you must install the current version first

    Somehow we found trail version of data direct 7 odbc and installed in clinet machine

    we have selected open edge wire protocol driver duirng odbc connections setup.

    And provided all configuration setting and when we try to test it throwing below error

    [datadirect] [odbc progress openedge wire protocol driver] [openedge] broker rejects connection.

    When we tried run manually in server i able to connnect to Sqlexplorer

    Progress database verison: 9.1e

    ODBC drivers : DCOM98

    Client machine : Window 7 64bit

    How to resolve this error

  • I would call Progress TechSupport, assuming you’re paying maintenance.

  • Broker rejects connection means you are connecting with the wrong port number.  Look at the secondary broker startup parameters.  

    This information is easy to find in the progress knowledge base.  The URL posted by cj above is a must read.

  • HI

    These are parameters we are using for SQL connections

    proserve /path/slc -m3 -Mi 3 -Ma 5 -Mpb 4 -S slcoi -ServerType SQL

    $DLC/bin/sqlexp -db slc -S slcoi -H xxxx -user  -passowrd

    Fyi,.. we have used same drivers"ODBC Progress OpenEdge Wire Protocol driver" as below to connect to progress 9.1e verison.When we tried to connect we are getting same error.

    Error Message [DataDirect][ODBC Progress OpenEdge Wire Protocol driver][OPENEDGE]Broker rejects connection.

    Defect/Enhancement Number


    The Connect for ODBC 7.0 OpenEdge Wire Protocol driver only supports Progress OpenEdge 10.1.x, 10.2.x, and 11.


    The ODBC 5.1 Progress 9 (SQL92) driver is the last driver version released that supports Progress 9.1E.  Install this version of the product to support this version of the database.

  • Can i know where i can download this drivers ODBC 5.1 Progress 9 (SQL92).?

    We  dont have any Progress account to download software from Progress Download center.

  • Have you actually tried to contact Progress and buy the product/driver? The product you need is SQL Client Access for Windows.