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24x7 Progress database - reorg downtime reduction


24x7 Progress database - reorg downtime reduction

  • Hi,

    I have a Progress database (9.1D 02) that needs to work almost 24x7.

    When I reorganize it, I need to shut it down for 6 or 7 hours, which

    il a lot for me.

    Using AI files, I expected to reorg a copy of my db, while the real

    one would continue to work, filling in its ai files.

    At the end of the reorg, i would stop the real db, just to apply the

    ai files on the reorg'd database.

    But this does not work, since the databases timestamps do not match,

    so I can't apply my ai files to the reorg'd db.

    Do you know any way to apply "missed" transactions to a freshly

    reorg'd db ?

    Would any replication server be a solution for that ?

    Would you have any other idea to reduce the reorg time ?

    All advises would be apreciated.

    Thanks in advance


  • Yes, replication would be a way to minimize downtime for a reorg.

    It may, however, not be necessary. A lot depends on how you are currently approaching the reorg -- what techniques you are using, what resources are available and, of course, the characteristics of your database.

    For instance, I did a presentation at Exchange this year on a highly parallel approach to dumping and loading -- during that presentation I dumped and loaded a 5GB database in about 40 minutes using a very modest (some might say "under powered") Linux server. The presentation and the associated scripts etc is probably available somewhere on PSDN or you can get it directly from my web site: http://www.greenfieldtech.com/downloads.shtml

    In OE 10 a lot of parallelism has been added to the dump & load process -- if it is possible then upgrading might be a very good option for you too.

    Depending on what you have already tried and what is available to you you may not need to take a replication based approach. Then again, it might be best.

    Tom Bascom

  • Thanks, Tom,

    I have downloaded the presentation, and I will dig into it.

    Just to answer your last question, I am using 9.1D and since

    it powers a MFG/Pro eB 1 application, I cannot upgrade without

    upgrading also the ERP, which is another story. So, for the

    time being, I will stick to 9.1D.

    Thanks again,


  • We have a tool called Pro Dump & Load that, depending upon your environment, could reduce your downtime to minutes.

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