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ODBC Driver Issues

  • I posted this question in another forum and they told me to try here.... Let's try.

    Hello there,

    I'm not a Progress developer, but I'm using Progress from some .Net applications through ODBC connection and having some problems.

    I need to query the _File table, and when I'm querying

    select "_File-name", "_Desc" from pub."_File"

    I have the error:

    === SQL Exception 1 ===



    :Column Desc in table PUB.File has value exceeding its max length or precision.

    (This happens in SQL Explorer too).

    When I export a .df from this database, I notice that the DESCRIPTION of one table is ~200 chars. In the dictionary this field has 144 chars. Anyway to workaround this problem without doing some modifications to the database?

    Is there any way to truncate the field without taking this error? Or to set the SQL Width through ODBC?

    Thanks in Advance,

    Eric Lemes

  • Have a look at the DBTOOL utility in the Database Administration doc, though, I don't know how it will work with the schema tables.



    Reference Chapter > Other Database Administration Utilities > DBTOOL utility