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Object store ... conflicting client


Object store ... conflicting client

  • I am getting conflicting client error. I am not able to debug the problem. The error message from OS, "holding conflicting sector read lock. segment #14 cluster #0 , sector_no **** n_sectors **.

    Is there any utility to get the information on sector_no and n_sectors what object is present in that location. I am using ossize but not getting desired result.

    What could be the probable cause for conflicting client other than that mentioned in manual. Why db itself is not able to handle Conflicting client problem. My problem in once conflicting client error comes, all the application processes hang and after restarting manually things work for some time.

    Do I need to fine tune system resource like swap space?



  • Vineet Goel,

    this issue should be pursued via the support channels. Can you please contact the support organization and I'll be happy to help you figure out the source of the conflicting clients, and how to resolve the conflict.

    You can reach us via phone: 781-280-4005 or email "ostore-support@progress.com"

    If you send email, please put the following string on the subject line of your email: W703280062

    We have an open support request "ticket" open for you. By putting the above string on the subject line, your email will be automatically directed to me and I will handle the support case.

    Thank you,


    Technical Support

    Progress Software