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editor tool for SQL

  • Hi all,

    I'm new to Progress OpenEdge and need some basic information. When I think of databases, I think of the SQL language. In my research to OpenEdge I've found a pdf document named SQL reference. In this document SQL statements are explained. The problem I have: I can't locate the SQL editor!

    I've tryed to run some statements in the Procedure Editor - a simple select statement works but others don't.

    I'm looking for a simple editor where I can run the SQL statements as given in the SQL reference document.



  • Hi Daniel,

    If you're running OpenEdge Architect, the database navigator plugin contains a SQL query editor that supports completion, color coding and running the query.

    Depending on which version of Progress OpenEdge you are using there is a SQL Explorer program that you can use to write SQL queries against an OpenEdge database.

  • You also can use your favorite SQL client of any origin, e.g., WinSQL

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  • Thanx!!! DB Navigator works fine!