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tablemove 10.0B05

  • Hello,

    I need to move a 24GB table to a diffrent area and so I did a few tests with the tablemove command (both offline and online) using a 1GB table, this resulted in a BI size of 6.03GB or when using -i in a BI size of 5.61GB. This means that moving a 24GB table will result in an unrealistic BI size of 135GB.

    Does anybody know of another way to reduce the BI grow on a tablemove ?

    Another option would be to binairy dump the table, delete all records, move the table, binairy load and rebuild the indexes, Another similair option would be to export and delete all records, move the empty table and import all records. During the 2nd option the database can atleast be online all the time

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Another possibility would be to

    • create the new table in the new ara under a different name,

    • do a raw-transfer or buffer-copy to get the records to the new area and delete them from the old table

    • drop the old table

    • rename the new table to the old table's name.