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The best way to migrate the database to another platform


The best way to migrate the database to another platform

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Hi, everyone,

I'm looking for the best way to migrate a database from HP-UX to Linux RedHat. The size of this database is ~4 TB, the number of tables is more than 200. It requires minimal downtime, no more than one hour in the most extreme case.

For today, I came to the conclusion that the optimal solution would be ProD&L.

I would like to know your opinion on this task and will be grateful to any helpful tips.


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  • Hi,

    You are both right.

    I understood perfectly well that 1 hour (this time defined by business) in the standard implementation of migration using binary dump&load would not be enough. That's why I considered ProD&L first. But after reading the presentation of Mike Furgal, I decided that Pro2 would be better. Especially, as I found out today, we have a Pro2Enterprise license, not only Pro2Oracle, as I thought before. So we do not need to buy something extra for Pro2Pro.

    Now I must learn the features of Pro2 in detail, make some tests and wait for start project, when my bosses ask about it. I think I still have a lot of time to prepare.

    Once again thank you all for your participation!


  • If the table does not have a unique index, you can easily create one. Create a sequence. Create an integer field or int-64 if that is a very big table. Then "create trigger" that will assign that field a sequence number and you have a unique index. I did this trick 10 or 12 years ago specifically for Bravepoint's Pro D&L. Still works, no problems.

    Dmitri Levin


  • Pro D/L is now obsolete.  There have always been many limitations to it, like tables with non-unique indexes for example.   Even though you are a Pro2Oracle customer, you need to license another Pro2 for the OpenEdge target.  A lot of work has been done to make 2 heterogenous pro2 targets as well as solidifying the Pro2 D/L procedures.  To this end, if you are going to go down this path I would recommend upgrading to Pro2 5.0.4 and then have a conversation with your sales rep about how you can do this migration as described in the presentation.  

    Mike Furgal
    Director – Database and Pro2 Services
    PROGRESS Bravepoint