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Understanding SQL connections


Understanding SQL connections

  • The gist of the problem is that I'm trying to connect OEA and my DB and getting the error "(8839) No SQL servers are available. Try again later." The DB server is run with accepting both SQL & 4GL connections so it's not the reason. The value of -n parameter is big enough so it can't prevent me to connect. On the other hand the usual 4GL remote clients can connect without any trouble. I ran the secondary login broker for myself and it didn't work, I'm still getting the error.

    So the question is that how to allow SQL clients to connect to my DB? Ideally, I'd like to create a separate connection pool for SQL clients only.


  • You'll find a very good write up in the Knowledge Base entry P7843.


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  • Thank you Jamie. It really explains a lot.

  • I sorted out the problem, the key thing was that the secondary login broker had to be run with 'root' privileges otherwise it couldn't spawn remote servers to accept sql clients.