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2008 server, Progress explorer


2008 server, Progress explorer

  • Sometime, somewhere, someone posted something about how to make the progress explorer work on 2008 server.

    Can I find this ? Nope!

    Anyone got any pointers ?


    (crap, forgot: 10.2A SP2)


  • AFAIK there is no possibility to run PET on Windows Server 2008 due to new version of mmc. But PET is/was only editor for *.properties files which contais apps, dbs and other stuff configurations. So you can manually edit this files and opertate with dbman util from command line or use PET's successor - OE Explorer. Although it's seems to be more complex at first sight, it is more universal because of web browser.



  • If 10.2A, why Exploder instead of the new browser-based tool?

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