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_Connect-CacheInfo with client below 10.1C


_Connect-CacheInfo with client below 10.1C

  • Hello,

    10.1C or 10.2A DB server with client database-request statement caching enabled.

    10.1A or 10.1B client connecting the database through TCP/IP

    Will it be possible to access the client stack traces using _Connect-CacheInfo and _Connect-CacheLineNumber ? Or is there a prerequisite on the client ?

    I don' t have access to this mix of OE versions right now, so I'm not able to test that myself...

    Best regards,

  • The client must be at the same version or higher than the db.

    So, no, a 10.1A client cannot connect to a 10.1C db and thus you would not be able to do what you describe.

    Tom Bascom

  • Thanks for your answer Tom !

  • Hi again,

    According to KB P132, using Client/Server, a 10.1A could connect to 10.2A.

    I just checked that on a test platform, and it works. Except a problem when retrieving _File and _Field tables, which may be related to the version difference. I'm digging to find exactly where it comes from.