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Database is not licensed for container


Database is not licensed for container

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One of my customers keeps getting the above error in OE Management. We have to stop the admin server, reglue, and restart the server to fix it. I can't work out what causes it and it's a problem for them. 

OE 10.2B08. 

Any ideas what may be causing this? Where should I look for inspiration?

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  • What does admserv.lg show?

    What OS?

    Why are you doing reglue/why did you do unglue before? Do you want to monitor and manage multiple servers from a single console?

  • I'm doing a reglue because that's what a KB article on this error suggested and it seems to solve the problem.

    Windows is the OS.

    I'm not doing anything on the server, although I wouldn't be surprised if the sys admin is. But what he's doing is hard to tell.