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Good Morning.
I have a Progress 11.7.1 (32bits) 
Running on a windows 2008R2 Enterprise.
When opening the proenv and typing progetstack <pid> (prowin32 process)
it returns the error
Cannot get stack of process <pid>.
The process id you specified may be invalid, not an OpenEdge ABL process or is a process from a pre 10.1c release.

I am sure that the pid is from a process 11.7.1.

Does anyone know to solve this problem?

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  • Did you start the cmd window with the Run as Admin option ?

  • Yes,
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    Did you start the cmd window with the Run as Admin option ?

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  • Hello, exactly the same problem in OE 11.6.3 32 bits, Windows Server 2012.

    I use the PID showed by _mprshut.exe

    I found this article

    But it is PASOE-specific, points to Defect PSC00353228, and doesn't offer a solution.

    I haven't find an article about my case.

    Is there another way to get the stack of a process?

    Ezequiel Montoya
    Lima - Perú
  • You can get a stack trace from the process using any debugger. I happen to use windbg, but any one will do.

    But you won't get any Progress specific information this way unless you know where in the memory to look for. For instance, ABL stack trace, persistent procedures, session parameters and the likes won't be provided by the debugger as-is.

  • Oh, so dumb, I hadn't enabled the tracing!

    I found this thread:!topic/progress-general/ZMPNRi636hs

    There George Potemkin (Thank you George!) linked this presentation from Rich Banville / Richard Shulman (thank you, guys!)

    "What's that user doing? The OpenEdge Statement Cache.", June 7, 2011"

    So this what I did:

    Open PROMON







    And now ProGetStack works Fine


    Ezequiel Montoya
    Lima - Perú
  • Progetstack and the client statement cache are not related.

    Enabling client statement cache should not have anything to do with getting progetstack to work.

    It is much more likely that you were previously mistaken about your proenv being run as  admin.

    Tom Bascom

  • Also -- it is not generally considered to be a good idea to leave the client statement cache enabled.  In the past there have been issues with doing that.  Memory leaks and permissions issues can lead to situations where everyone is blocked or the db crashes.  I haven't *personally* seen that happen since 10.2 but I have heard stories from people who should know and I do not like to enable it for any longer than I really need it.

    Tom Bascom

  • Thank you, yes, I read about performance and crash issues. That's why I ask only the top of the stack.

    Right now I'm using a local DB copy for this testing. We are not sure about pass this to our Production DB.

    We may enable/disable it on needing, and just for one user at a time. We're still evaluating.

    About Progetstack and the client statement cache, I feel sure about me using ProEnv as administrator before and after the enabling.

    But I can be wrong, of course.

    Ezequiel Montoya
    Lima - Perú