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Permission to disable OE Replication


Permission to disable OE Replication

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To disconnect a user one has to be a "root" or a process that started the database.

Same permission is needed to shutdown. All is good.

To disable replication ( Source or Target ) no permission is needed. Any one can disable OE replication.

Does that sound right for everyone ?

OE 11.7.1 on IBM AIX 7.1

Dmitri Levin


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  • No

  • I'd tend to agree; elevated perms should be required.

    There might also be an argument for optionally restricting access by user/group to start/stop Webspeed/Appserver/etc.

    In theory you could change the perms in $DLC/bin, though that change would need to be reapplied on every reinstall and possibly on patch/hotfix.