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Move Fathom Trend DB online?


Move Fathom Trend DB online?

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Has anyone any experience of moving the Fathom Trend Database? Our customer's database has grown to nearly fill the available space and they want us to move it to a volume with more available space. 

My thoughts are that I can use the following process to do it online, but if anyone has a better method, or sees any problems please let me know. 

  • Shut down the adminservice
  • Shut down the Fathom DB
  • Move the DB to the new location
  • Edit .st file
  • Prostrct Repair
  • Restart DB
  • Restart adminservice


OE 10.2B08 on Windows. 

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  • it's no different than any other DB move so your procedure sounds good to me. Are you running the purge/compact job? If not that will help keep the DB size in check.

    You can probably get away with only stopping fathom and not the whole AdminService if stopping the AdminService is a problem.

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  • I'd forgotten about the compaction routine. I'll give that a whirl.

  • I would recommend running a table analysis before attempting to run the compaction online.  We found a large amount of data in some tables that we didn't report on - the app servers for example.  We manually purged a lot of data before attempting to run an online compaction.

  • Before restarting the adminservice, Update the new Fathom DB path in $DLC\properties\ file.