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Fixed size BI extents


Fixed size BI extents

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We have an issue whith BI files blowing the 2GB limits (9.1D Workgroup DB so large files not an option).  While I investigate the issue I've temporarily set BI to one 2GB fixed and one variable extent.  However, I noticed that KB S000010146 states "it is not recommended to run with bi extents sizes of 2 GB".

Why does it say this?



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  • The article references the 2gb limit for BI, so it seems to relate to environments that didn't have the ability to exceed a 2gb db file.  Back when 9.1D was created, that was still a concern for environments.

    If I was using 9.1D Workgroup, I would probably create a single fixed BI extent of 1gb and then a variable length extent.  Then I would create a monitor for long running transactions (previously discussed in Progress communities).

  • It looks like the article is talking about the concrete case. I guess a database in the case did not have the large file support enabled and it crashed when BI reached 2 GB. That is why the article suggests to add two 2 GB extents plus one variable size extent (just in case) to complete a crash recovery. 2 GB of BI notes were abnormally large for the given database. So the article suggests to remove these 2 GB BI extents /after/ a crash recovery and to add "one fixed extent slightly larger than the normal bi file size plus one variable extent".