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Migrating OpenEdge to Linux


Migrating OpenEdge to Linux

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We are currently planning our upgrade of OpenEdge from 11.3.3 to 11.7.1. Due to different circumstances, we must simultaneously switch platform from Solaris to Linux RedHat 7.3. I have read Paul's Koufali blog post about migration to Linux. In addition to his tips, is there anything else that we should consider especially when it comes to switching platform from Solaris to Linux.


What's your experience changing platform, ie from Solars to Linux



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  • printers are managed by CUPS on Linux. most solaris installations do not use CUPS so you will have learn that and maybe change some command lines used to look at print queues and such. CUPS is quite nice but you do have to learn how to use it.

    see en.wikipedia.org/.../CUPS for info