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Database user connection check..


Database user connection check..

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I have a progress database version -11.6 having user licence is 100 user (display 100 user limit when running showcfg). Can any one suggest how many remote connection it will allow to connect to database..


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  • The number you see in the showcfg output is the user count you have licensed.  This count is not enforced in any way in the software.

    The number of remote connections allowed depends on the values of the client/server-related database broker startup parameters.

    • -n: number of connections allowed.  This is not a client/server parameter but it sets a limit to the total number of database connections allowed.
    • -Mn: maximum servers.  This is the total number of servers and secondary brokers allowed.
    • -Mpb: maximum servers per broker (broker-specific). The maximum number of servers a particular broker can spawn.
    • -Ma: maximum clients per server (broker-specific).
    • -Mi: minimum clients per server (broker-specific).
    • -minport: low end of range of dynamic server ports (broker-specific).
    • -maxport: high end of range of dynamic server ports (broker-specific).

    Barring conflicts or incorrectly-tuned parameters, the number of remote clients you can connect through a given connection broker is the product of maximum servers (-Mpb) and maximum clients per server (-Ma).  Sum those products for all connection brokers and that is the maximum count of remote clients for the database.

  • Progress licensing is very complex, but as far as I understand it there is no link between license and -n (*).

    A single "named user" / "registered device" (which you have depends on your license) can have a many connections as they need.

    You may get some questions during license review why you are using more than one connection per user/device .

    (*)  Unless you're on concurrent licensing, which is no longer available to new customers,

  • Thank you Rob..

  • Hi Alok. For remote connection calculation you have to check -Mn and -Ma/-Mi connection information. The  remote connection information won't be available directly in any log or promon screen. Do let me know if you have any question.