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Replication transactions slow


Replication transactions slow

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OpenEdge 10.2B08  Replication plus

I have done an index compact on the source database. The target database is behind. The number of transaction processed on the target was slow (1 transaction in 4 seconds).

I have restarted the replication and now it says 'Startup synchronization' and the number of transactions is still very slow, 1 transaction in 4 seconds.

Current Source Database Transaction:    4487378093
Last Transaction Applied to Target:     4487371502 <= The value of 'Last Transaction Applied to Target" add 1 in 4 seconds.

We checked the line between the two servers, but we could not see any congestion. Both servers are doing nothing.

So why is it very slow?

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  • Can you post bogoMIPS please?

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  • > Testing on a customer site where we're seeing very high IO response fluctuations in protop, and it's taking 10-13 seconds to do the 96MB file. The whole site has been plagued by various performance issues, so this may well be part of the problem.

    That depends on the nature of the performance problems and the extent to which they are write-related.  But if the I/O subsystem is very slow for unbuffered writes, I wouldn't be terribly surprised if it's also slow for reads.  Certainly worth exploring, but maybe in a new thread as it likely isn't related to Edwin's issue.  ;)

  • Hey Mike, since when is 24 a power of 2? :)

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  • Well, he didn't say *integer* powers of 2... ;)

  • Good point, but it is round enough for me.  16 to 32 is too much of a stretch.

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