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11.5.1: Hanging prowin32 client


11.5.1: Hanging prowin32 client

  • Since yesterday I am struggling with hanging batch process.
    They did the to-do but did not end and consumes 100% of a single cpu.

    Need to kill them, db is still up.
    This morning I noticed the java process for the appserver with 100% cpu, identified a server and killed it by the explorer.
    Then the _proapsv of this appserver starts having 100% CPU, until now.
    The logfile shows nothing, DB I/O was 0.

    Later I tried to delete records in a table in the procedure editor:
    FOR EACH table where field BEGINS "A" EXCLUSIVE-LOCK:

      DELETE table.


    I noticed a slow I/O and decided to chunk transaction and pressed CTRL-C.
    After this I got PROGRESS (not responding) and now this prowin32 consumes 100% CPU too without any I/O.
    Identified my usr 52  in promon: REMC/ABL, shows Dbkey 27614 on SRV 2

    No-locks, no running transaction, no further entry in logfile.

  • Stefan,

    promon/R&D/1/4/2. Blocked Clients

    promon/R&D/debghb/6/15. Status: Buffer Lock Queue

    Did you check these screens?

  • No, I had PSC online and didn't get this proposal. But the table I delete shouldn't get no new entries during my connection.

    The client was running fine until I decided to press CTRL-C to change the query.

    The index used is time based (datetime-tz), this should mean delete from old to newest.

    ADD INDEX "IxLastChanged"


    protop shows that this index is used.

    New records will be added at the end and there is a 0,000x change for a collision.

    (or the time is running backwards ...)