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OE SQL Client Access - ODBC Folder not exist


OE SQL Client Access - ODBC Folder not exist

  • People, 

    I need to use OE SQL Client Access to provide access to a PHP application to Progress DB via ODBC.

    But the installer doesnt have the folder ODBC.

    OS: CentOS

    OE: 102B08

    Could you help me?

  • You can go into your ESD account and download it. This is not a separate license that you need to purchase

  • Ok  but I have a problem with the ODBC Folder.

    Testing the installation in a CENTOS x64, the folder doesn't created.

  • I am going to take a guess, that this is 64-bit 10.2B. I believe 64-bit driver has been shipped since 10.2B05/06. After the initial install (you did a complete install, right?) - have you applied the SP08? That should put the driver in.

  • , I tried install SP6, SP8, but both doesnt have the odbc folder. BUT installing SQL Client Access in a 32 Bits server, the installation creates the folder with objects.

  • Ah yes, now I remember. It started to get shipped starting 10.2B06+ (64-bit driver), but if you have only progress.cfg with SQL Client Access, it does not have the "odbc bit" info, so the service pack install does not update it, since it wasn't part of the 10.2B00 (FCS) install. (it's an internal thing). Do you have an access to SQL Client Access of any OE 11.x version for Linux 64?. If you do, install and use that driver. It's compatible with 10.2B DB. Otherwise I suppose I can tar/gz the odbc folder and send it to you offline.

  • 64 bit Odbc driver available for linux only in OE 11.x

    See ProKb article knowledgebase.progress.com/.../P116861

  • Thank You

  • @Rodrigo - I have uploaded the content of 10.2B08 '64-bit' odbc folder onto FTP - you should have a download link in your 'community inbox'.