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Hi Team,

i working on suppressing alert ( During maintenance activity not to receive any major alerts like shutdown,startup... etc)option in OEM. I tried 1 way is like we have to create one schedule plan with timings( as per your requirement) during maintenance activity we have to change our default schedule plan to our plan.During that time resource Item will be inactive mode. we will not receive any alert during the activity once time is completed it automatically comes to active mode.

My team said we can do it another way using Container.

What is container?
How to disable alerts in container level?

Kindly help on this ..........



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  • OEM can monitor other OE/OEM instances remotely. That remote instance is sometimes called 'Container'. Tho I am not sure how it would apply in your case.

    Instead of fiddling with schedules, you can also, before the maintenance disable the resources you don't want to be alerted on, and then once maintenance completes, and they have been started, you can enable them again. The command to look at is "fathom". Check "fathom -disable -help" and "fathom -enable -help" for more info.