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9.1D DB on a single disk extent structure


9.1D DB on a single disk extent structure

  • For a 9.1D DB on a single HDD Is there any advantage in having a STORAGE AREA split into several smaller extents vs one large?

    E.G. 6 x 256Mb extents vs a single 1.5GB extent.


  • I would make a single extent for each area. For performance -- there is no difference. For maintenance one extent is easier too.

    In a very rare, exotic scenario when the database crashed, and you know which extent is at fault, it is obviously more easier to dig data from a 256MB extent than from 1.5GB extent. Those are the cases I would not consider for making a decision. So I would go with 1 extent. YMMV.

    Dmitri Levin


  • also put indexes into index area(s) and tables into table area(s). nothing into schema area. this also helps with maintenance and reliability. if an index are gets smashed, it can be recreated.

  • Many thanks Gus.  You confirmed what I suspected!

  • Sorry, I meant to thank Gus AND Dmitri.