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Modify table fields & Indexes using DF file


Modify table fields & Indexes using DF file

  • How can we modify table fields & Indexes using DF file ?

    I am looking for DF file structure for this.

  • Use the Incremental DF utility to generate a DF file to get two database schemas in sync.

    I promise that you don't want to try and recreate this feature on your own. There are quite a few variables as to what can be modified and what needs to be dropped/recreated... and the format changes between OE releases.

  • if you can tell me the structure in df file to modify the fields and indexes then that will be a great help for me

  • Why not create a before and after database and create an incremental df with the sort of changes you're interested in and see what it looks like?

  • I can't tell you because it isn't documented and varies by OE version.

    I am trying to give you an alternative that works for thousands of customers and is the intended way for incremental changes to happen. No sense banging your head against a rock for no good reason.

    Or you could tell us why the incremental DF doesn't work for you...

  • How can we achieve foreign key concept in OpenEdge while designing schema for a table  ?

  • I am getting below error while adding new field to the table

    Pls help

  • Can you provide an ASCII version of the df ? I cannot load an image into a database. :-(

    Tried to add the field manually but it's 2 character too long for the chUI dictionary.

    Have you been able to manually add that field to a db ?

  • From the error message it appears that the table (_file) doesn't exist.. but it could also be the very long field name that is causing the error.

    As for Foreign Keys in the database... give up now. They don't exist and trying to implement them with the workarounds available almost always ends in tears. YMMV