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  • Progress 10.2B

    Does anybody know what are the conditions when _Db._Db-guid is set in version 10 and 11. I have 6 schema-identical databases created at different time, 3 of which have _Db._Db-guid set and 3 of them have unknown values.

    find first _Db no-lock.
    display _Db._Db-guid.

    in version 11.6

    proutil -C conv1011 immediately sets _Db._Db-guid 

    But procopy $DLC/empty8 foo  --- does not set _Db._Db-guid in foo

    Dmitri Levin


  • Correction:

    procopy $DLC/empty8 foo sets _Db._Db-guid in 11.6

    So in version 11 we always have _Db._Db-guid set, but when it is set iin 10.2 is still a mystery

    Dmitri Levin


  • For 10.2B, specify -newinstance option for procopy. This specifies that a new GUID be created for the target database.

    Ex: procopy $DLC/empty8 foo -newinstance

  • Hope the below link helps ....



    Raja Sekhar

  • Thank you Dileep. When the database is already created and working, is there any way to set Db-guid?

    Dmitri Levin