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Prorest Error

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I've run prorest on 9 of 11 DB's that need to be restored. For the remaining 2 I receive the following messages on the first and second tries:

1)Start of extending target DB to needed size... (9432)

Unable to extend data files enough to proceed. (6743)
Restore failed. (1618)
!!! ERROR - Database restore utility FAILED !!! (8564)

2)Corrupt block detected when reading from database. (4229)

SYSTEM ERROR: Wrong dbkey in block. Found 0, should be 13312 in area 6. (1124)
** Save file named core for analysis by Progress Software Corporation. (439)

Just wondering if anyone encountered this error and what you did to run prorest successfully.

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  • the first error is probably caused by the restore trying to put all the data into a single variable extent that is limited to 2 GB.  it can be cured by creating a suitable .st file for the database.

    need more info on the circumstances of the second error.

  • Alternatively you can enable large files if it's an Enterprise license. You should be able to enable large files and then run the restore again.

    _proutil <dbname> -C enablelargefiles

  • the second error is just when I try running prorest again.

  • You need to fix the first error to fix the second error then :)

  • Gus..That is where I'm a little confused. I've noticed that when I've done the other restores an .st file is created. Would I create a .st file then run prorest again?

  • It would be helpful if you provided the st file and an ls -l or dir listing of the files for that database.

    It could be the large file problem or you could have entries in your st file that point to bad locations and/or running out of space.