This is an example of a bulk-load template that can be used to "widen" the number of source rows sent per single Oracle transaction.   This template attempts to use a property labeled "Oracle_Bulk_Transaction_Count".  If this property exists then the integer value of the property  is used as the number of source rows to send per single Oracle transaction.  If the property does not exist then a default value of 1000 is used.

To test and/or play with this template, simply copy tmpl_mreplproc_oracle.p.txt  to your Pro2 implementation template folder, typically bprepl/repl_tmpl, change your "MASS_LOAD_TEMPLATE" property to reflect the name you used when saving this example, and with the admin tool, regenerate the bulk load procedures "Tools -> Generate Code -> Bulk Copy Processor."

*** Please note *** 
This template is provided as an example of how Pro2 templates could be modified to support a wide variety of target specific features.  Before using this example, you should test and verify it meets all the needs of your specific implementation.

This template attempts to send "--Bulk-insert Start" and "--Bulk-insert End" statements as a transaction wrapper to "widen" the number of records sent per target side transaction.   The use of these new features may require additional target database security considerations and also may not be available across all target versions.  This should considered only an example of what can be done with template based modifications.