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Pro2 Product Roadmap Ideas


Pro2 Product Roadmap Ideas

  • As we continue to work on our plans for the upcoming versions of Pro2, now is your opportunity to have a say in what we deliver.  If you have any requests or suggestions for improvements to Pro2, or additional features, please enter them using the Ideas tab at the top of this page.  The Community also has a chance to vote on any suggestions that are submitted so check out what other people and asking for and vote for any ideas that you would also like to see implemented.

    We are constantly monitoring this page so keep those ideas coming!

    As always, thank you for your feedback.  It helps us to ensure that we focus on the Pro2 features that are important to our user community.

  • Hello Michael,

    Are there any plans for integration Pro2 with OpenEdge CDC?

  • Valeriy

       Yes.  The coming version of Pro2 will utilize CDC. (The previous method of capturing changes will also be available).  The next release is scheduled for the end of April.  

    All the best


  • That is good news! Thank you!

  • For some cases customer needs that on the target schema table name presents suffix and prefix and full table name in upper case.

    For example:

    on the Source database the table has name "сustomer".

    on the Target database the table name should be "MPR_CUSTOMER_E".

    Today it is not possible to make it from Pro2 Admin. So we have to do it manually. Including for creating a map of tables (not possible to make an auto map).

    It is not convenient when there are many tables.

    I think that the values of suffix and prefix can be specified via properties.



  • Oh, sorry... wrong place.

    I'm created it on the "ideas" tab: