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Web Caching After KUIB Deployment


Web Caching After KUIB Deployment

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When you publish a new release of a KUIB Application, our users have to clear their web cache and cookie to get the latest version.  The KUIB Application Build is to publish to IIS Web Server.  Is there a seamless way of handling web caching of a KUIB Application after deployment?



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  • Hello Randy,

    Sorry for the delay on providing a response.

    The KUIB development provided feedback and suggested the following:

    1) Disable caching on IIS:

    - stackoverflow.com/.../how-to-disable-caching-of-single-page-application-html-file-served-through-iis

    - On the app, you can produce assets with different file names every time you build. This should already be happening which seems to indicate that the issue happens with index.html which is the only file that is not generated this way.

    Is this still an issue?

    Perhaps, it could be worked out via Technical Support to gather more info (dist folder of app).

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you and regards,


  • Hi Edsel,

    About this - "you can produce assets with different file names every time you build" - is there a KUIB option for this? I'm using version 3.0.5 and whether I do a debug or release build the files always have the same names.

    Thanks, Wes

    Version: 3.0.5

    Commit: 75828e7ec9470847e3c7b26135bcde1dbd1328ff

    Schema Version: 1.4.23

  • Edsel,

    I should have mentioned this too, we're still doing AngularJS, not Angular. Does your comment apply to both?

    Thanks, Wes