I am opening a kendo window (win1 with modal = true) when a row on a grid is clicked on. I am doing this in the OnRowSelect(e){...} function. The window I am opening is displaying content from the selected row and all works fine. I added the following code to the constructor of the view to close the window when the user clicks outside of it: 

var that = this;
$(document).on('click', '.k-overlay', function () {
if (that.win1.options.visible)
And this code works as expect, when the user clicks the background overlay it closes the window. However, when the environment is a touch rather than mouse, I am getting unexpected behavior. When you click on a row it opens the window, then closes it immediately afterwards. An easy way to see this is to change the device in Chrome Developer Tools to iPad or another touch device. 
Is there a workaround or a solution to this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.