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Navigation UI Bugs (KUIB 3.0)


Navigation UI Bugs (KUIB 3.0)

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When the size of the webpage is small and the navigation bar on the side collapses into it's smaller form (so only the icons of the modules are visible, not the text), if you click on one of the module icons, it expands the navigation bar, shows the text of the module, the views under it, and a overlay is show on the page to prevent the user from click on the page. 

If the user decides that they actually do not want to change views/modules they have no choice, as you cannot click on the overlay to close it or back on the same view to close it. The only way to close it is the click on another view. 

Also, if you are scrolled down on the page and click on the navigation bar (or just simply scroll down once it is open) then the overlay doesn't cover the whole page/sometimes non will show until you scroll back up. This appears to be because its position is set to absolute, rather than fixed (the .kuib-main-content-overlay class).  

Can this please be fixed/improved in a future release of KUIB? Thanks

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  • Please log a bug with tech support.



  • Where do I log a bug for KUIB with tech support?