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Develop an Mobile App using camera to scan 1D barcode


Develop an Mobile App using camera to scan 1D barcode

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Hello All,

I would like to develop a Mobile App that can scan a 1D barcode with the camera of the device.

With the info from the scan I can than collect data related to the production process of the item.

Can someone guide me how to capture the device camera to scan and trigger a barcode?

Kind regards,

Peter Wokke 

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  • Hi, Im sure you'll get a plethora of answers for this. I'll share what I do though it's not an exact answer to your question...   I share it as if you find a scanner app that uses the camera, you should be able to use that like I use the scanner in my example or you can attach a scanner to your phone, that should work as well. What I do has little to do with KUIB. I attach a bluetooth barcode scanner to my PC, which is a Mac in my case. I ensure my scanner can read the type of barcode I need. Then when I enter a field with the data type that equals my barcode, instead of typing the value in via the keyboard, I scan the barcode and it populates the KUIB filed with no issue.

  • If you're looking at developing a true mobile app, KUIB probably isn't the way to go.

    You could have a look at NativeScript for that. But if you're thinking of doing this on tablets from a web app (like KUIB creates), you need to find JavaScript projects/libraries that enable QR code scanners from the browser, whenever on iOS or Android.

    Something like

  • Hello Ruben,

    Thanks for your guiding.

    I will look into both directions.

    Kind regards,


  • Back in the day, we used what was called a keyboard wedge.  It was a barcode scanner that connected between the keyboard and the computer.  Anything scanned simply went into the focused field on the screen as if it was typed on the keyboard.

    I only mention this for the concept.  Today we have very inexpensive scanners that plug into the USB port that do the same thing with software.

    This works quite well for Windows, Linux, Android and probably others as well.

    But I'm guessing that you want to use the camera on a phone right?

    There's a had way and an easy way to do this on Android. (not sure about IOS)

    Hard Way:

    Download and compile free librarys for bar code scanning form open source.

    Develop webapp application that inserts scanning result into barcode field on web page.

    This is a lot of work. I did it years ago for Android and it probably is no longer working (android is a moving target).

    Easy Way:

    Find application in the play store  (or appstore) that supports the keyboard wedge concept.

    For android I see there is one called "Barcode/NFC Scanner Keyboard" I tried it and it seems to work.  However I just tried the demo.

    There are likely other apps as well.

  • Hi Richy,

    Thanks for your reaction on my issue.

    I am used to implement barcode readers as COM event trigger. With keyboard wedge reading you always have to set focus to a specific field.

    You are right I want to use the built-in camera on the device (phone or tables).

    Would not like to ask the customer to invest in additional scanner hardware too.

    Mobile phones are common goods nowadays.  

    I think I have to take the hard way.

    Hope we can share knowledge on the community to turn hard ways more easy.



  • Ruben,

    I have down loaded this javascript package

    Still have to figure out how to implement it in a Kendo UI / OpenEdge project.

    Have search on github for nativescript options and found this:

    Who has experience with those packages?



  • Dear All,

    This nativescript-barcodescanner is available as plug-in.

    Will try to implement it.

    Kind regards,