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Use a custom theme

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How can I add a custom theme in the Kendo UI Builder

At a presentation of the UI Builder V2 at Progress Germany in Cologne a few month ago, Mr. Bolte was telling us that the Theme Builder works for the Verion 1 of the UI Builder. Is there anything available for the Version 2 until now?

Or maybe, is there something available in the new release? 

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  • Hi Dennis,
    Starting from KUIB 2.1 (which is available from Dec 22 2017), you can use/import custom themes created in ‘Kendo UI ThemeBuilder’ in Kendo UI Builder environment. Please go through KUIB documentation for more details. Following is the quick preview of ‘Edit App’ page once a Theme drop down is invoked.
    If you are working with KUIB 2.0.1 environment, there is a workaround to use custom themes. Please follow below steps:
    • Go to [your-app-name]\app\node_modules\@progress\kendo-ui\css\web\kendo.[theme-name].css (where theme-name is the one selected from the Theme Chooser in the Designer)
    • Paste your custom theme in this file
    Note: If you created your theme with the old KendoUI ThemeBuilder, there is a chance that in the produced file there are `url`s to images that don't point to the right destination in our distribution. They are for backward compatibility for very old browsers (which we don't support anyway), so you can delete those occurrences safely. Otherwise while building the app Webpack will fail. Make sure that the browser console is open such that the errors are visible.
    Please note that even if you didn't use the ThemeBuilder tool the same problem may exists. Make sure your `url`s point to meaningful place.
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Anil Kumar.