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Creating an OpenEdge ABL Service using 11.7.0 environment


Creating an OpenEdge ABL Service using 11.7.0 environment

  • Hi All,

    In order to develop a Kendo UI Builder web app or build a mobile app using Telerik Platform or use a third party web/mobile framework to communicate with OpenEdge data via JSDO, we need to have an OpenEdge backend service which will facilitate us bringing data from OpenEdge database via REST or Web transports.

    The process of creating an ABL Service in Progress Developer Studio has been enhanced in OpenEdge 11.7.0. This document provides list of different steps involved in creating an ABL service using OpenEdge 11.7.0 environment.

    Please find document in following location:

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    Anil Kumar.

  • What would be helpful to add to this document is a list of available annotations that can be added to a resource operation within a service (method-level), which alters behavior in KUIB. Notably, how to define a semantic type and a foreign key relation. These are not easily found in the documentation, but this document would be a good place for such related materials.

  • Hello Dustin,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    The "Kendo UI Builder FAQ" in the wiki section now has a reference to the foreign key annotation:

    Perhaps, we could add another item there for semantic type and the other available annotations in general.

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  • Here is additional information.

    The following section in the documentation provides information on the annotations:




    @openapi.openedge.entity.required ( table reference element in the catalog ) ( field element in the catalog) ( method element in the catalog)


    - The annotations are reflected in the catalog.

    - The semanticType uses the field property annotation.

    - The JFP support uses the method property.

    I hope this helps.

  • Thank you, Edsel. That is tremendously useful to have side-by-side with the attached document.