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WebHandler Request Header Values

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Hello All,

I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this question but here goes...

Basic question:

Does anybody know if a WebHandler deployed to PAS should have all request header values, or does PAS somehow filter the header values?

More complicated background:

I have a WebHandler running on PAS on an internal server.  I'm using IIS as a reverse proxy and authentication layer.  The request is sent to IIS which then is forwarded (via URL Rewrite) to the WebHandler.  The requests are working fine but I don't think I'm getting all of the header values.  The logic to see the available header values uses "poRequest:GetHeaders()", and I only get 9 values.

As a test of the URL Rewrite, I setup a test.aspx page on the IIS server that simply displays all header values, then setup another URL Rewrite to set a couple test header values and then forward mytest.aspx requests to test.aspx.  When I browse to mytest.aspx, I have my test header values along with 15+ other header values.

Thanks in advance.

Louis Winter

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  • Hi Louis,

    Not my area of expertise but I am told "We filter the Authorization header. All others are sent down to the AVM."