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Dropdownlist versus Combobox


Dropdownlist versus Combobox

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What is the difference between a Dropdownlist and a Combobox? Why would I choose one over the other? Do you have a detailed description of the properties of the components?

In the Change Event Function of a numerictext box, I can use e.sender._value to retrieve the value that was entered by the user.

Both the Change Event Function and Select Event Function of the dropdownlist and combobox components don't allow me to retrieve the value (Data Value Field) with e.sender.value. How can I get the Data Value Field of the selected record?

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  • Hello Bert,

    The difference between the two components is subtle as the following thread in the Kendo UI forum indicates:


    The main difference seems to be that you can input a value to the list of items.

    Also, by looking at the API description, you would find some few fields and methods that are different.

    For example, the ComboBox has field "input" whereas the DropDownList has "span" and the ComboBox has a method called "suggest".




    You should be able to use this.value() or e.sender.value() to access the value. (The numeric textbox also supports a value() method.)

    I hope this helps,