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How can I reorder columns?


How can I reorder columns?

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I want to move a column to a different position but after dragging it to the desired postion the following message is shown:

You can't reorder while total span sum exceeds 12

The width of the item is 2, the destination has a width of 3, so moving should be possible in my opinion.

Drag and drop isn't always working for other columns too.

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  • Hi Bert,
    We should be able to drag rows and columns from the toolbox into the canvas. If we change the span of a specific column we should also change the span of the rest of the columns in order their sum to be 12. In other case, the columns will wrap on the next line if total span sum is greater than 12. In this scenario, we cannot reorder the columns in a row and a popup message is shown on UI saying “You can’t recorder while total span sum exceeds 12”. As per the screenshot your columns of single row are located in multiple lines resembling the total span to more than 12.
    Can you please check/confirm if the total span of the specific row (including all columns) is greater than 12.
    In general, rows can be reordered vertically, while the columns can be reordered horizontally. Both can be reordered only in the context of their container.
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Anil Kumar.
  • Hello Anil,

    My screenshot is only partial. On the left (not visible) is a grid with a width of 6.

    Because the grid is high enough, there is plenty visible space on the right for date pickers, buttons, etc. The total width of those items may not exceed 6 and they should be placed on one line.

    Now I understand why the error message appears.

    Maybe some improvements can be made here to allow filling up the space on the right side of the form more efficiently?

    Best regards,