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onRowSelect event for BLANK view

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How do I declare an onRowSelect event for a grid on a BLANK view?

The DATA GRID view has a onRowSelect in the view-factory.js file, but this function has to be added to BLANK views for one or more grids.

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  • For a BLANK view, set the property 'Selection type' to 'Single' (instead of 'None').

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  • Hi Brent,
    Similar to ‘Data Grid’ (or any pre-defined) view, we can also specify the ‘Row Select Event Function’ for a grid component in a view created using ‘blank’ option. There is a sample/example in GitHub which will demonstrate the usage of row select mechanism via ‘onRowSelect’ function for a grid control/component in ‘blank’ view template.
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Anil Kumar.
  • Following your example, I entered onRowSelect as the function to be triggered for each row select.

    In view-factory.js the following code was added, just below onHide:

    onRowSelect: function(e) {

     console.log("DEBUG: onRowSelect");


    As a test, the following line was added to onShow:

     console.log("DEBUG: onShow");

    During the the i see "DEBUG: onShow" once, but I never see "DEBUG: onRowSelect".

    What's wrong here?

  • For a BLANK view, set the property 'Selection type' to 'Single' (instead of 'None').