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dataSource connected to button


dataSource connected to button

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I am trying to connect a dataSource to a button, different from the one connected with the grid.
My idea is to use the button to open a popup menu with CRUD operations, connected with a table from a database. 
I saw some examples here:
but it is not what exactly I am searching for.

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  • Hello,

    I wonder if the following sample (form-with-crud) is closer to what you are looking for:


       source code:

    This example corresponds to a view created using the Blank view option. The view-factory.js code uses a dataSource associated with the view and implements CRUD operations. You can also create your own data source instance if you need.

    I hope this helps.

  • Hello again,

    Yes it is closer, but I was thinking about a kendo window like one that is opening for popup editing on the DATA grid view. What is the way to take control over the buttons for edit/delete/add new in these views or to make your own popup edit button with a custom datasource?