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CRUD in hierarchical Tabstrip


CRUD in hierarchical Tabstrip

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Hello all, i'm using hierarchical grid with Tabstrip, how can i add Crud operation inside the nested tabstrip, at currently shown on image above, does builder support this? edit mode have to be popup window and every tab is different source . if there is any samples, or tutorial to read will much appreciate. thanks in advance.

research before i came here :,js,output

warm regards: Giorgi

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  • Hello,

    The case that you described is not a built-in case in the builder. However, you should be able to implement it using regular Kendo UI functionality.

    It looks like the "edit" and "delete" buttons in the screenshot are your custom buttons. Perhaps, the key here would be to use the same data source as the grid along with your own logic to do edit and delete.

    The GridWithFormJFP sample might help to see the implementation for the CRUD:


    Related links:

    Tabs using detail template:

    Popoup window:

    An alternative would be to use the popup edit mode of the grid and use a template to customize the UI. However, for this you would need to override the properties before the grid is instantiated.

    The following thread on the Kendo UI forum mentions about using a template with popup editing:

    I hope this helps.

  • i have managed to add edit and update, working on create button. thanks egarcia