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we go thru the documentation and implemented is described (but with our own database), all works (Service URL and Catalog Uri), we get response with json-data and schema in the browser.

Build & PreviewChoose the preferred method to preview the current App“ opens a new tab with url: http://localhost:11333/1474962223747/#/home

Now we see our Modules. After click on module we get an "General Error" : Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) 

What happens, what could be our mistake ?

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  • Hello,

    It looks like the Service URI is pointing to the resource instead of the web application.

    The Service URI generally looks like http://<host>/Customers

    Please check the URI used for the data provider.

    I hope this helps.

  • Hi,

    As Edsel suggested this is the problem with 'Service URI'  field in the 'Data Provider' screen in Kendo UI Builder. Please change this value from file system (as respective fields 'Catalog URI' and 'Service URI' are disabled in UI) in below location and Preview the app

    <Web App Location>\build-output\debug\data-providers.json

    Example: C:\KUIBApps\MyCRMApp\build-output\debug\data-providers.json

    General format of 'Service URI' is as below:

        http://<hostname>/<webapp name>


    Thanks and Regards,

    Anil Kumar.