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Programatically open or close 'expander' component in blank form


Programatically open or close 'expander' component in blank form

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I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to open or close the 'expander' component used in a blank view form. I'm developing an order entry app, and when the edit field is 'partnum', I want to pop open the expander containing my part lookup grid (since you don't seem to be able to put grids in a KendoWindow).

Documentation on this is woefully scarce.

Does anyone have any experience with this? 

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  • Hi  jpetersen,

    You can do this by modifyng the expanders config.expanded value like this:

    myExpander.config.expanded = true;

    You need to annotate your expander as a @ViewChild first to access it.

    Hope this helps,


  • Thanks, George. I probably should have added to my post that I'm still relatively new at this.

    Could you please 'expand' on the part about annotating the expander as a @ViewChild? I'm not familiar with that.

  • Hi,

    @ViewChild is an Angular anotation that allows you to access elements from your .html template from your component. You can find details on how this happens here .

    Bellow is a snipet on how you can realise what (I think) you want.

    myview.html :

    <kb-expander #myExpander [config]="$config.components.myExpander" [id]="'myExpander"></kb-expander>

    <button type="button" class="k-button k-primary" (click)="expand()" >



    myview.ts :

    export class myview extends myviewBaseComponent {

     @ViewChild("myExpander") public myExpander: KbExpanderComponent;

     public expand(){

           this.myExpander.config.expanded = !this.myExpander.config.expanded;



    Explanation :

    I have an expander in the template and a button that executes the expand function on the click event.

    In the myview.ts I added a ViewChild annotation for the expander. Be careful the  @ViewChild("myExpander") refres to the #myExpander value  in the template.

    After this I can access the expander component and its methods / atributes anywhere in myview.ts.

    In the expand method I changed the value of config.expanded to the oposite of what it was before.

    This should result in the "exapand" button "programaticly" expanding and closing the expander.

    I hope this is clear. Be carefull the code above might have typos in it as I did not test it.