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I am using a blank form. It has 4 drop down lists (DDLs). The first 3 DDLs filter the values for the fourth DDL. When a selection is made on the fourth DDL the record is displayed and I am able to make changes. At the time the user selects the value of fourthDDL, I store it in currFourth.

I also have a cancel button. When I press the cancel button, I can tell the model is dirty, but I can't seem to tell which field is dirty. Therefore, it seems reasonable to just try to reset the record, but I can't figure out how to do that. I tried setting the DDL value to "" and then back, but that did nothing. dataSource.cancelChanges( ) may do something but it's not visible, myModel.set ( fieldName, value ) is apparently not a function even though it's supposed to be. 

What is the technique for canceling a change? 


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  • If you are wanting to reset the DDLs, try $('#IDForDDL').data("kendoDropDownList").value("-1");