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How to edit

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I'd like to edit to stop it from doing stupid stuff* while I'm still building / testing my app. Is there a way to edit this resource? In one of my *Web projects, is in build-output. This is not the case for the App I'm currently developing / testing. 

*e.g., The default margin is 0; is deliberately setting the margin to 0; this makes it nearly impossible to override, and it means that all checkboxes have a 0 top margin which is visually very annoying. You would think that a reference to the id of a checkbox would be enough override this stupidity, but apparently not. CSS thinks that a reference to input.k-checkbox binds tighter than a reference to #id. 

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  • Try adding !important before the comma at the end of the line of CSS you are declaring. The use of !important smells of a bad CSS design, but...

  • I'm looking into that. Even though the margin/padding is being overridden, it may be that it is not what is causing the issue.  Margins and paddings are sometimes folded into the margins and paddings of elements around themselves. While I still feel that whomever thought setting the margins was a good idea should be made to stand in the Progress cafeteria and drink feisty cherry coke zero while writing "I will not set defaults in the company css" 1000 times on a whiteboard, I'm not convinced there are not other factors in play in the placement of checkboxes. I'm moving on and returning to this particular issue latter.